Creating high-value Investment opportunities through low carbon energy solutions

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The experience to bring ideas to life.

Solar Panels Low Carbon Energy

With more than 350 combined years of industry experience, the Advanced Power team has deep expertise in recognizing opportunities and connecting the resources to bring ideas to life.

Advanced Power is advancing a sustainable energy future. Our specialty is utility-scale projects with high barriers to entry, requiring extensive research, permitting, and collaboration. We develop a plan for our investment partners to navigate these waters.

Advanced Power has successfully developed 4,000 megawatts (MW) of low-carbon energy and has a global portfolio of renewable projects under development:

  • Alina Energy (200MW/400MWh Solar PV + Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Wilson County, Texas, United States)
  • East Light Fund I (100 MW Solar PV pipeline, Northeast, United States)
  • East Light Fund II (350 MW PV solar pipeline, Northeast, United States)
  • Eldora Energy (240 MWdc Solar PV + BESS, Matagorda County, Texas, United States)
  • Elio Energy (300MW/600MWh BESS, Brazoria County, Texas, United States)
  • Talitha Energy (189 MWdc Solar PV, Texas, United States) 
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Making a difference.

It takes bold goals to spark a better day. Our fundamental goal is to maximize the generation of clean energy and to minimize carbon emissions. Working toward this goal helps make every day at Advanced Power an exhilarating adventure.


37,592,195 megawatt-hours of clean energy produced


26,770,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided


2,681,818 equivalent homes supplied with power


$5 billion equity and debt capital raised


1,196,503 equivalent passenger vehicle emissions removed (last 12 months)

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